Join Majan Refinery L.L.C

As Majan Refinery L.L.C will be largest integrated energy companies in Sultanate of Oman, Majan Refinery L.L.C will be proud of its people, diversity and commitment to social responsibility.

People are one of the main reasons for Majan Refinery L.L.Cis success. The Company invests in its employees and provides the challenges and opportunities necessary to grow and succeed. Majan Refinery L.L.Coffers a competitive compensation package, career options and advancement on numerous projects.

Diversity and Inclusion

Majan Refinery L.L.C embraces diversity and inclusion and encourages a respectful workplace. Majan Refinery L.L.C works to ensure that all staff feel respected, included and valued. The Company attracts the best talent by encouraging applications from all qualified individuals, including women, Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities and visible minorities.


 Social Responsibility

Majan Refinery L.L.C is committed to responsible corporate citizenship.
This includes the integration of social, environmental and economic considerations into its core businesses while engaging key stakeholders and conducting business in an ethical manner.

Total Rewards

Majan Refinery L.L.C after commissioning of enery complex will provide as comprehensive Total Rewards program that includes compensation and health, benefits, retirement and savings plans.

  • Competitive Base Salary
  • Performance Bonus
  • Long-Term Incentive Plan
  • Comprehensive Benefits Plan
  • Retirement Plan
  • Savings Plan
  • Vacation and Personal Days Off
  • Health and Wellness
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Total Rewards Statement


Competitive Base Salary

Base pay takes into consideration duties and responsibilities, level of accountability, skills, qualifications, education, location and industry experience.

Performance Bonus

Employees who exceed the normal requirements of the job and/or demonstrate a significant contribution to the organization are considered for a performance bonus.
Long-Term Incentive Plan

Majan Refinery L.L.C has a Long-Term Incentive Program available to individuals in select roles.

Comprehensive Benefits Plan

Majan Refinery L.L.C will provide a comprehensive benefits program to help employees and their families maintain physical, emotional and financial well-being.
Employees are able to customize Majan Refinery L.L.C is tax-effective program, which includes benefits, retirement and savings plans, to fit their individual needs and long-term goals.

Employees are able to purchase additional insurance coverage and increase personal contributions to their retirement and savings plans. Coverage takes effect on an employee's first day with Majan Refinery L.L.C.

 Majan Refinery L.L.C programs include:

  • Health care
  • Supplementary medical and dental plans
  • Health care expense account
  • Sick leave or short-term disability coverage
  • Long-term disability insurance
  • Employee and family assistance program
  • Employee, spouse and children's life insurance
  • Employee, spouse and children's accidental death and dismemberment insurance
  • Fitness allowance
  • Employee service awards
  • Dependent scholarships
  • Summer camp reimbursement
  • Various leave programs (including vacation, personal days off, parental leave)
  • Retirement Plan

Majan Refinery L.L.C will contribute a percentage of an employee's base pay to a retirement plan. No employee contributions are required. The amount of the contribution made by Majan Refinery L.L.C is based on the employee's years of continuous service with the Company.

Savings Plan

Majan Refinery L.L.C will contribute a percentage of an eligible employee's base pay to a savings plan, selected by the employee from a number of options. As with the retirement plan, no employee contributions are required.

Vacation and Personal Days Off


Three weeks of vacation time, Extended to four weeks after 10 years
New staff are given credit for up to 20 years of directly related prior experience.

Personal Days Off

The Personal Days Off (PDO) program is intended to help employees balance their personal and work lives. The program provides 10 days off, both designated and flexible, to:

• Conduct personal business
• Attend medical and dental appointments
• Meet family responsibilities
• Health and Wellness

Majan Refinery L.L.C sponsors various health and wellness initiatives throughout the year. This includes a fitness allowance that subsidizes membership in a fitness activity or health program of the employee's choice and an Annual Wellness Fair (including influenza vaccines).
Majan Refinery L.L.C Employee and Family Assistance Program provides employees with short-term confidential counselling to proactively address personal, family or job-related situations that could affect well-being.

Relocation Assistance

Majan Refinery L.L.C will provides relocation assistance to employees and new hires who move after accepting a position with the Company. Provisions vary based on the work location and business requirements.

Total Rewards Statement
Employees receive an annual personalized Total Rewards statement that provides a complete picture of how they benefit from, and can maximize, their rewards programs.