President Message

President Message:

Majan Refinery L.L.C is a different kind of company. We have a strong “ONE FAMILY” Culture that underlies everything we do. Majan Refinery L.L.C is moving with great resolve and determination on the road of development and prosperity. It is managing and utilizing its hydrocarbon resources to build a modern infrastructure and a sustainable knowledge-based economy. Majan Refinery L.L.C is resolved to achieve its strategic objectives to become one of the leading oil corporations in the Middle East.

The wide spectrum of our oil and gas activities, has but one aim: the future of Majan Refinery L.L.C shareholder.

Our purpose is well aligned with the objectives of Majan Refinery L.L.C Vision 2035, particularly the management of exhaustible resources in order to sustain prosperity and “ensure that future generations inherit ample means to meet their aspirations.”

We live those values through our simple promise of Finding a better way. For our customers, this means giving them a competitive edge. For our associates, it means offering challenging work and a fulfilling career. For our communities, it ensures successful partnerships, collaboration and support that results in meaningful change. The success of our businesses wouldn’t be possible without a team of dedicated associates who think differently and challenge the status quo. Their entrepreneurial spirit spurs intelligent risk-taking to quickly capture market opportunities. Empowered to make a difference, they find new ways to meet the challenges and succeed in an ever-changing marketplace.

We are also creating favorable conditions for the growth and development of a wide array of refining and downstream industries and products.

Despite the weight and volume of our task, we have never taken our eyes off the need to protect and preserve the environment, and the commitment to developing national human resources. Building off of our success, approach and attitudes to personal and process safety, we have also achieved impressive performance in other areas of Operational Excellence including reliability, utilization and environmental protection. We have also given preeminence to education, training, and career development in our quest to develop a new generation of professionals that will lead this great corporation into the future.

CEO & Chairman

Dr. Mahdi Soltani