Learning & Development

Development, including:

• On-the-job opportunities such as special projects, job rotation and mentoring
• Formal and informal career development discussions with your supervisor
• Learning and development programs

What career-enhancing programs are available to me?

• Leadership Development
• Deep Dives
• Business Skills
• Technical Training (for Engineering, Geology and Geophysics)
• Tuition Aid and Master's Degree Support
• Apprenticeship
• Professional Association Memberships
• Education Leaves of Absence

Leadership Development

Majan Refinery L.L.C in-house Leadership Development Program offers four courses that correspond to varying levels of leadership experience, including the Emergent Leadership program, designed for individuals not yet in a leadership role. Targeting the skills relevant to each level of leadership, the program's main objectives are to:
• Enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of Majan Refinery L.L.C leaders
• Discuss and reinforce leadership practices that contribute most to the effectiveness of employees and the success of the business
• Discover the skills Majan Refinery L.L.C's leaders excel at or need to learn or refine
• Translate good intentions into productive action

Deep Dives

Majan Refinery L.L.C Deep Dive workshops consists of four courses, two to three days in length, that provide an opportunity for employees to "dive deeply" into a single area or skill set often touched on in one of the longer Leadership Development programs. The topics covered include Crucial Conversations, Leader as Coach, Leading Effective Teams and It's All About Relationships.

Business Skills

Majan Refinery L.L.C Business Skills program consists of 10 skill-building workshops customized for employees. Workshops cover topics such as Business Writing, Time Management, Presentation Skills, Advanced Project Management, Leveraging Generational Differences and Business Acumen.

Technical Training

Engineering and Project Management, and Geology and Geophysics offer in-house training specific to your job function to help you succeed.

Tuition Aid and Master's Degree Scholarship Program

As part of Majan Refinery L.L.C commitment to ongoing education and employee development, Majan Refinery L.L.C will provides 100 percent reimbursement for approved job-related training, including master's degrees.


Majan Refinery L.L.C will actively supports apprenticeship learning and encourages participation in the apprenticeship program.

Professional Memberships

Participation in career-related professional and occupational associations is encouraged to ensure employees' skills and knowledge remain current. Majan Refinery L.L.C will provides membership fee reimbursement for industry-relevant associations.

Education Leaves of Absence

Education leaves of absence are an option for employees wishing to pursue work-related, full-time academic programs.